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At Cardinal Health, we share your dedication to going beyond what's expected. And when we set out to develop a premium line of latex-free exam gloves, we knew you would expect nothing but the best - a glove that works as hard as you do and is every bit as dependable. That's why we created Esteem® premium latex-free exam gloves. The leader by a long stretch!

  • Stretchy Material Esteem® latex-free gloves feature a unique, stretchy formulation that conforms to your hand quickly. The soft, flexible material facilitates a range-of-motion, especially around the thumb area.
  • Meets FDA quality standard for surgical gloves consistently.
  • Choice of texture Esteem® Stretchy Nitrile gloves are available with textured fingers or with our microtextured finish for a sure grip.
  • Powder-free All Esteem® latex-free gloves are powder-free. The stretchy nitrile material has a naturally low coefficient of friction, making them all easy to don.
  • Esteem® latex-free gloves meet or exceed the requirements for a powder-free glove per ASTM D6319 Standard Specification for Nitrile Examination Gloves for Medical Application.
  • Extra Protection XP version when additional protection is needed, Esteem XP nitrile gloves offer a 2" longer cuff for increased coverage.


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Esteem® Stretchy Nitrile (1) Esteem® Stretchy Nitrile (2) Esteem® Stretchy Nitrile (3) Esteem® Stretchy Nitrile with Neu-Thera® Esteem® Stretchy Nitrile Tru-Blu™ Esteem® Stretchy Synthetic Esteem® Stretchy Synthetic with Neu-Thera® Esteem® XP Nitrile