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At Cardinal Health, we can help you create and maintain an efficient OR supply chain, as well as help improve patient and clinician safety.


Facial Protection

Cardinal Health has simplified and standardized its facial protection product line to make your choice easier. We offer three lines of high-quality masks – Smart-Seal™, Secure-Gard® and Insta-Gard™ masks – each designed to address your requirements and budget.

  • Smart-Seal™ surgical mask
  • Secure-Gard® surgical and procedural masks
  • Insta-Gard™ surgical and procedural masks


Presource® Surgical Packs

Presource® prepackaged kits contain the core surgical components needed for common surgeries to ensure that high-quality items are being used for every procedure while promoting a safe, consistent standard of care. The result is a more efficient supply chain with increased staff satisfaction and patient safety, as well as more time for patient care.

We can provide standard or custom packs to meet your specific needs. Each one offers:

  • Product standardization
  • Compliance with recommended safety standards
  • Supply consolidation
  • Improved inventory management
  • Less waste and product returns
  • Increased charge capture


Convertors® clinical apparel and patient protection products

Protecting your staff and patients from infection requires the best protective designs, the right cost and the right partner to make sure you're covered. It doesn't stop with innovative drapes and gowns. Now, we also offer a full range of facial protection and infection control apparel.


Surgical gloves

Cardinal Health is re-branding its portfolio of powder-free surgical gloves to a single, unified name. The new brand, Protexis™, will represent all powder-free surgical gloves from Cardinal Health – including surgical gloves made from natural rubber latex, synthetic neoprene and synthetic polyisoprene. This re-branding will impact all powder-free surgical gloves that currently carry the brand names of Duraprene™, Esteem® and Protegrity®. The Triflex® brand will continue to represent powdered surgical gloves, made from natural rubber latex.

The gloves you rely on today will not change. They’ll just have a new look and a new Protexis™ name.

  • Protexis™ powder-free surgical gloves
  • Triflex® latex, powdered surgical gloves


Medi-Vac® collection and fluid suction products

Medi-Vac® suction and Jackson-Pratt® wound drainage products continue to be the #1 choice for fluid suction and collection, drainage and disposal. Medi-Vac® products are available in a variety of cost-effective options, including custom and sterile kits and surgical procedure modules.


Laboratory and Scientific Products

Look for the SP®name throughout our product catalog and in the following specific areas:

  • Autoclave/sterilization products: biohazard collection containers and incineration bags, autoclave bags and laboratory deodorants
  • Blood collection: latex tourniquets, sterile bandages, serum filters and screening columns, blood collection tray sets, capillary tubes and sharps containers
  • Equipment: carts, centrifuges, hemacytometers, slide stainers, hygrometers and hydrometers, incubators, microscopes, ovens, refrigerators, spectrophotometers, stools and chairs
  • Glassware/plasticware: analyzer cups, bottles, cylinders, Petri dishes, funnels, pipets and pipet tips, test and centrifuge tubes, racks and closures, specimen containers and vials.
  • Papers: glassine weighing papers, bench protectors, labels and tapes, notebooks and pH papers
  • Reagents and solutions: blood bank saline, blood gas analyzer calibrating gases, glucose tolerance beverages, hematology stains and fixatives, histology reagents and embedding media and technical grade chemicals
  • Supplies: clamps, cleaners, inoculating loops, microscope slides, storage and transport systems, pens and markers, spill clean-up kits, spatulas and utensils, stirring bars, thermometers, timers and tubing

View our SP®lab catalog for clinical lab information or contact us online or at800.964.5227.