340B in the retail setting

340B Contract Pharmacy Solutions

340B is intended to support our nation's critical safety-net health care providers, but retail pharmacies can also participate in the program, through a model known as Contract Pharmacy. In this model, retail independents and chains can act as shipping and dispensing locations for product purchased by a 340B entity. Contract pharmacy can benefit both parties financially. In addition, the 340B entity is able to extend the reach of its care further into the community, and the pharmacy may realize an enhanced reputation as a provider of compassionate services.

The 340B contract pharmacy model represents an exciting opportunity, but it also involves complex regulatory, financial, and operational challenges. To help your contract pharmacy model thrive, several companies now offer dedicated contract pharmacy management solutions. Cardinal Health wants to ensure that you can choose the 340B solution that best meets your needs. Accordingly, we have developed robust working relationships with leading 340B software providers. Our team of 340B implementation consultants will act as project leads, coordinating all aspects of the integration process between your 340B software vendor and Cardinal Health.

We currently work with the following 340B contract pharmacy software vendors:

340 Basics CaptureRx Hudson Headwaters Health Network Integrated Informatics MacroHelix PDMI PSG Ramsell RxStrategies Sentry Data Systems SunRx Talyst Walgreens Wellpartner Wilco Data

Our goal is to meet your needs as a 340B entity or pharmacy and as a customer of Cardinal Health, so, if you wish to utilize a solution not shown above, our experienced implementation team will be happy to work with your vendor of choice to develop and deliver the necessary interfaces. ��For more information, please contact 340B@cardinalhealth.com.