Latex allergy and gloves

Natural rubber latex is used in many products, from toys to carpets, from erasers to rubber bands. Because some people are allergic to natural rubber latex, healthcare professionals need to learn the facts about this allergy and how best to help assure the health and safety of patients and those who care for them.


Articles information-specific to gloves and latex allergy:

Natural Rubber Latex: Glove Use, Sensitization and Airborne and Latent Dust Concentrations at a Denver Hospital 

Abstract summarizing a study on the prevalence of latex sensitization among latex-exposed health-care workers compared to occupationally unexposed employees in a hospital.

Workers' Compensation Claims from Latex Glove Use: A Longitudinal Analysis of Minnesota Data from 1988 to 1997 

by Irwin B. Horwitz and Richard D. Arvey 
A study of the incidents of allergic reaction in health-care workers from latex glove use based on workers' compensation claims from Minnesota.

Latex Allergy Among Healthcare Workers: A Study of RI Comp Claims

by Irwin B. Horwitz, John D. Kammeyer-Mueller and Richard J. Butler 
A study of allergic reactions in health-care workers from latex glove use, based on workers' compensation claims filed in Rhode Island.


Note: The information provided here is for general educational purposes and is not a substitute for specific medical advice by a physician. The information, programs and policies reviewed here are for illustrative purposes only. Each healthcare institution should tailor its policies, guidelines and approach to its unique circumstances, taking into account its facilities, employees and patient population.