State Licensing services

State Licensing for drug products and devices is required by most states and needs to be in place prior to distribution of products to that state. If your company is a manufacturer (contract, virtual, foreign, or sampling), wholesaler or distributor, contract sales organization, broker, third party logistic provider (3PL), importer or exporter, researcher or laboratory, nonresident or mail order pharmacy you will need to have state licensing in place prior to the products sale and distribution. Beckloff Associates, through its experienced staff and management systems, can support all your state licensing needs.


How can Beckloff Associates help?

  • Services to obtain, complete and submit necessary forms and follow-up to obtain state licenses for required states (each state has its own forms and requirements) according to client needs.
  • Maintain client state license database and update state registrations on ongoing basis (each state has different requirements for renewal)


Why choose Beckloff Associates:

  • Extensive experience with Federal and State registration and licensing requirements and application process for drug products and devices
  • In-house management system for periodic registration updates for each state