The key to unlocking the power of your procurement data

In today's health-care environment, information that helps you manage costs is more valuable than ever before. Now, that information is available with the click of a mouse through our entelligenceSM decision support tool.

The entelligenceSM decision support tool, available through cardinal.com, provides hospitals and other health-care facilities with specific cost and supply information to enhance bottom-line purchasing and cost management decisions. With entelligenceSM, you gain access to our data warehouse that stores more than half a trillion cells of information. More important, entelligenceSM organizes and delivers this information in structured reports based on areas of opportunity for change. You can immediately use this information to affect your bottom line.

Choose the level of information that's right for you:

  • Performance Topsheet includes high-level statistics of your year-to-date and monthly purchases plus a summary of service levels for your account.
  • entelligenceSM reports are available on a yearly subscription basis and contain in-depth analysis and information. You can access a comprehensive collection of user-friendly reports to help guide you through your purchase and service histories.

entelligenceSM reports are organized by category with easy-to-use product report titles, so you can identify areas of opportunity at a glance. Graphs and tables guide you through the information. Available categories are:

  • Product standardization
  • Supply costs
  • Contractual benefits
  • Services performance

Examples of where entelligenceSM can impact your bottom line...

  • Standardization: developing product purchase and usage consistency across multiple facilities
  • Purchase history: understand top 30 purchases for opportunities
  • Ordering methods: ensure orders are being placed through the most efficient means
  • Operations improvement: increase your visibility to Cardinal Health's overall service performance

Contact your sales representative to unlock the power of entelligenceSM... and discover the hidden power of your procurement data!