With cardinalhealth.com, a click of your mouse puts a world of online products and services at your command?anytime you need them.

Shop: Finding and ordering products is easy - Access an enhanced product catalog of more than 300,000 medical, surgical or laboratory products. Pricing, availability and order confirmation information comes directly from Cardinal Health's internal systems, giving you accurate, real-time information to make purchasing decisions.

Manage Orders: Access the same information we use - Need to resolve an issue quickly? "Manage Orders" allows you to review order status, order history and proof of delivery and even resolve backorders or get copies of invoices with the click of your mouse. Both cardinal.com orders and traditional orders can be managed using this online functionality.

Reports and Tools: Help optimize supply chain decisions - Turn information into action with entelligenceSM decision support system. Based on your goals, choose reports than can give you insight into standardization opportunities, supply costs/usage, contract benefits and service performance. Contact your sales representative to activate this powerful tool.

The SystemConnect tool from Cardinal Health provides you the capability of connecting your MMIS to cardinal.com without needing an EDI connection. It allows you to upload VLX and quicklink files directly from your MMIS through an internet connection. Contact your local e-Business manager to get connected.

Contacts: Help is available anytime - Need to get in touch with Cardinal Health? One click provides phone numbers and e-mail links to your sales and customer service representatives.

Our system was built using best-of-breed software and systems so it's incredibly flexible. You can choose to use cardinal.com:

  • As a complete ordering system. From product selection to order tracking, real-time decision support and reporting tools help you manage even complex processes.
  • As a complement to existing materials management systems. Extend the benefits of your current system by using cardinal.com to tap into pricing, product availability information and other service resources.
  • As an integrated materials management system extension. Already have EDI- or XML-based ordering tools in place? Leverage the technical expertise of our team to seamlessly integrate cardinal.com into your business system.
  • As an internal requisition system. Connect departments and funnel information to a central purchasing area by using custom order lists, catalogs and password access.
  • Best of all, registration is free. It's one of the benefits of doing business through Cardinal Health, Medical Products and Services. Register today and together we can continue to remove cost and complexity from the health-care supply chain.