Connecting to via EDI or XML

Thirty years ago, before e-business had a name, we began to put information technology to work for our customers and suppliers. And we've been evolving ever since.

Today, we enable our customers and suppliers to conduct more than 90 percent of their transactions electronically via EDI, XML and/or - that adds up to more than 240 million transactions per year!

For assistance with implementing an EDI, XML or interface with Cardinal Health, please contact our EC Implementation Team at 1.800.488.3726, extension 1.

XML Transaction Standards*

Cardinal Health has developed a recommended set of XML transaction standards based on our experience with recent customer implementations.

Document Header alghdr.xml
Purchase Order algpo.xml
Purchase Order Acknowledgment algpoc.xml
Advanced Shipment Notification algsn.xml
Invoice alginv.xml

If you are a customer interested in exchanging information via these standards or need assistance interpreting the documentation, please contact our EC Implementation Team at 1-800-488-3726, extension 1.

* Posted January 2002. Cardinal Health ver. 2.2.