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Each year, pharmacists are struggling with rising costs and declining resources. Cardinal Health has developed tools that customers can use to obtain immediate data about their pharmaceutical supply. This allows your to take the action needed to keep your budgets, stock and, most importantly, patients covered.


Standard Reports

The data available in Standard Reports can be used for several business analytics such as invoice review, 80/20 purchases, off-contract purchases, controlled substance reporting and more. Standard Reports provides users with access of up to 36 months of purchasing data.



entelligenceSM is the industry’s premier executive pharmacy information management tool which enables customers to take control and effectively manage and monitor their procurement strategy. Timely reports through entelligenceSM help the organization improve purchasing and inventory-management decisions and identify cost-saving opportunities.


Customer Business Review (CBR)

In addition to the online data reporting tools, we offer Customer Business Reviews which analyze the activity and trends of your account. We provide detailed recommendations on where you can make adjustments to improve the quality effectiveness of your activities.