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Cardinal Health has a robust series of tools to simplify your ordering process:


cardinalhealth.com Ordering

Whether you want to maintain the highest level of compliance, drive cost containment, improve your service level or effectively manage your inventory, cardinalhealth.com Ordering has the tools to help you procure what you need efficiently and effectively.


Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS)

CSOS allows for electronic transmission of controlled substance orders through cardinalhealth.com and eliminates the need to complete DEA Form 222 manually. All CSOS orders have same-day or next-day delivery.


Contract Rankings

This customizable setting within cardinalhealth.com allows the user to color code contracts and rank them in order to easily identify contract items when conducting a search. Contract Ranking improves ordering efficiency and contract compliance.


Order Analysis

This feature enables the user to review the purchase of an item when an equivalent is available on a contract prior to sending the order. Order Analysis functionality can help improve contract compliance and reduce costs.


Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions is a hand-held scanning device allowing you the freedom to move anywhere in your pharmacy to order and receive pharmaceutical products with ease. Mobile Solutions drives product savings by enhancing pharmaceutical compliance and helps reduce labor costs.