Third-Party Logistics Services

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Our third-party logistics service is exclusively focused on serving the complex supply chain needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. We are an industry leader with a proven track-record of performance serving the needs of top-performing pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic companies.

We specialize in bringing products to market by doing what we do best: expert product distribution, order-to-cash management, transportation management, account management, IT services and quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

Our strengths are demonstrated by the following attributes:

  • Our successful track record of partnering with healthcare leaders to provide integrated 3PL solutions.
  • Our continued commitment to offering innovative services and solutions that meet our clients' changing needs.
  • The long-term commitment and financial backing of Cardinal Health that ensures our continued flexibility, scalability and commitment to success.


Alleviate burden
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Promise of precision: Expertise in third-party healthcare logistics allowing you to research, market and expand your sales.
Optimize business functions
  • Order to cash management: Customer management, order management, product pricing, A/R management and return management.
  • Contracts and chargeback management: Contract maintenance, class of trade management, member eligibility, chargeback processing, discrepancy resolution.
  • Account management: Dedicated to improving customer’s businesses by providing your company with business reviews, problem resolution and consultation. Specialized implementation services for new company and/or product launches. We will provide your company with consultation in the development of trade letters, returns policies, customer agreements, class of trade, packaging and labeling, transportation, sample programs and international shipping.
  • Product returns: Product eligibility, pricing and inventory, partials and controlled product, product destruction and recall management.
  • Quality assurance: Documentation procedures for product handling, storage, preserving, packing as well as validation and regulatory support.
  • Trade and sample warehousing and distribution: Experience, infrastructure and precision in the warehousing and distribution of trade and sample product. Ambient, refrigerated, hazmat, control CII-CV storage capabilities.
Partner on innovation
  • Unique transportation network: Covers 70 percent of all trade volume.
  • Specialized rapid distribution service for product launches: Speed to market without burdening your distribution network. The right amount of product at the right location at the right time.