Can you ever be too safe?

We know you do everything you can to be safe at work. As a nuclear medicine professional, you strive for the highest level of safety, often putting your patients and your colleagues ahead of yourself. While handling radiopharmaceuticals and sharps, your responsibilities extend beyond the patients you care for to those you touch everywhere you go.

Your patients, team and family depend on you to use good safety precautions at work and to take care of yourself. From working diligently with your team to providing the best patient care, we want you to be as safe as you can be.  

Ensure needlestick and bloodborne pathogen safety

Because your safety, and the safety of your patients and colleagues is a top priority, we have developed needlestick and bloodborne pathogen safety products and resources to allow you to do your job accurately, effectively, and most important, confidently. Cardinal Health offers tools tailored to your specific needs. Learn more

Minimize unnecessary radiation exposure

While your work comprises a large part of your everyday life, your responsibilities often go beyond your nuclear medicine department's walls. We know that when you are diligently taking care of patients, you also are taking care of others who depend on you. The products we develop have more than just you in mind. Learn more

Radiation exposure calculator

With this resourceful tool, you can calculate and document the exposure each patient receives and make more informed choices for the care of your patient.

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MSDS and Package Insert Information

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Please contact one of our Board Certified Nuclear Pharmacists if you have any questions.

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