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Our deep clinical and cost control expertise helps clients identify and realize drug cost savings.  While hospitals are surrounded by tremendous amounts of data, getting meaningful information, particularly utilization-based data, to identify opportunities and realize savings can be complex and time consuming for the hospital’s clinical staff.  

Our experts use a proprietary, web-based analytics system to rapidly identify top drug cost drivers and benchmark your performance with similar organizations.  Once cost drivers are identified, you can access project plan templates, toolkits and subject matter experts to implement drug cost control initiatives.  As a result, we help clients achieve sustained improvements in purchasing, formulary management and forecasting of drug expenditures.


About our experts

We maintain a dedicated staff with extensive clinical data and analytics experience, who are able to achieve average pharmacy cost reductions of 2-3%. 


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We provide assessments, project work, and ongoing supplemental support services to rapidly identify and, if needed, implement and maintain improvements with pharmacy cost control efforts.  Please contact us today to learn how our industry-leading experts can help your hospital.