Cost Control

We can reduce pharmaceutical expenses by up to 5% and can benchmark your pharmacy's drug spend to similar hospitals.


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Quick facts:

  • We reduce pharmaceutical expenditures by 3-5% through our supply chain solutions.
  • We directly purchase more than $600 million and manage more than $1 billion in annual drug spend.
  • We help hospitals understand profitability by service line, as well as cost per diagnosis-related group (DRG) and physician-level data.

Through our suite of cost control solutions, we help clients reduce their pharmaceutical expenditures by implementing best practices to purchasing and inventory optimization, as well as to drug cost control and clinical programs.


We offer expertise and services to support:

Cost Control

How do you measure costs in your pharmacy? Learn more
Inventory Optimization

Inventory Optimization Service

On average, we help clients achieve 17% to 48% inventory reductions in the first year. Learn more
GPO Contracts Optimization

GPO Contracts Optimization Service

On average, we help clients realize cost savings from 50 to 90 basis points of annual drug purchases. Learn more
Drug Cost Control

Drug Cost Control Service

We typically help clients realize cost savings of 3% of annual drug purchases. Learn more

Drug Cost Opportunity Analytics

Our web-based dashboard rapidly identifies top medication cost drivers and trends, as well as benchmarks your pharmacy's performance. Learn more
Pharmacy Product Master

Pharmacy Product Master Service

We help ensure accurate data to support patient charge processing, bedside barcode verification, and 340B split inventory billing. Learn more