Quick facts

Leading provider of unit-dose radiopharmaceuticals in U.S.

Nearly 40 years of experience.

Nationwide network of more than 150 nuclear pharmacies and 30+ PET biomarker manufacturing facilities.

Prepare and deliver more than 12 million unit-dose radiopharmaceuticals annually to more than 5,000 hospitals and imaging centers.

And do it while meeting accuracy levels greater than 99.99%.

Who we are

We believe that every moment counts in the diagnosis and treatment of your patients. And in the moment of diagnosis, every patient counts on you to keep them safe, to provide accurate results, and to make them feel confident that they're in the right hands. And although your patient will never see or hear from us, Cardinal Health stands behind you every step of the way.

It's more than reliable access to a comprehensive portfolio of imaging agents. It's creating more efficient processes and safer environments for staff and patients alike. It's responsive resources to answer your questions. It's knowing your doses will arrive safely and reliably every day. It's having someone advocate for your wellbeing. And, most importantly, it's creating new possibilities in your patients' lives through earlier diagnoses, quicker treatment and better outcomes.

Together, we're making it possible. 

Reliable service. Made possible.

You’re in the business of serving people. So are we. Whenever you have a question or problem, our dedicated teams of local experts are available to help you find a solution, no matter where you’re located.