Education and training

Suspicious Order Monitoring

Cardinal Health has a robust program to prevent controlled medicines from getting into the hands of those who abuse them, while ensuring a safe, secure and uninterrupted supply for legitimate medical needs.

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At Cardinal Health, we view the ongoing education and training of our employees as an important piece of our supply chain integrity priority.

We continue to train and reemphasize core elements of:

  • societal responsibility for anti-diversion
  • understanding of the Standard Operating Procedures
  • our Suspicious Order Monitoring program


Our sales force is key

As the frontline with our pharmaceutical customers, our sales force plays a critical role in Cardinal Health's supply chain integrity efforts. To that end, sales force training is an on-going priority including:

  • "Red Flag" training to recognize signals that could indicate diversion


Empowerment of the workforce

Our goal is to equip the workforce with the knowledge, skill and experience to "raise their hand" and stop an order that they believe (based upon that knowledge, skill and experience) to be a potential suspicious order. This empowerment goes to the core of the mantra that "Anti-Diversion is everyone's responsibility".


To protect pharmaceuticals in an acute care environment, Cardinal Health has the industry’s only web-based solution for managing medication order workflow while also providing a clinical consultation tracking tool.  Also known as the Rxe-view™ solution, our web-based system empowers pharmacy leaders to zero in on safety, clinical and operational improvements through integrated, rich clinical intervention tracking and reporting.

To engage community groups in combating prescription drug abuse, Cardinal Health offers the Preventing Prescription Drug Use and Misuse Grant Program.

To educate and inspire employees to fight prescription drug abuse, Cardinal Health hosted a series of Employee Briefings featuring experts on the topic from The Ohio State School of Pharmacy and nationally renowned expert Ray Bullman, Executive Vice President of the National Council on Patient Information and Education. They joined Cardinal Health leaders to discuss how prescription drug abuse is rising quickly across the country – and what Cardinal Health is doing to combat this societal problem.

  • Nearly 80 entries from all over the company were submitted by teenage children of Cardinal Health employees in our teen-to-teen prescription drug abuse slogan contest held in March 2009. The winning slogans deliver a powerful anti-prescription-drug-abuse message that inspired a video competition held in Ohio in partnership with the Wexner Center for the Arts.

    The winning slogans:
    • Prescription Drugs: when sharing definitely isn’t caring!
      Kori Crossno, 10th grade, San Marcos, Calif.
    • Generation Rx: Kick the drugs. Life’s worth it.
      Brandon Mills, 10th grade, Hilliard, Ohio


To bring important health messages to the community, the Cardinal Health Foundation annually provides a grant to the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus to help facilitate a state-wide video contest. Our first grant content focused on teen prescription drug abuse. The Cardinal Health-sponsored contest is part of the Wexner Center's Annual Short Film/Video Showcase Youth Division competition for high school students.  

View the winning videos in our first annual campaign, which focused on prescription drug abuse

Employees of Cardinal Health know it is their responsibility to be aware of any activities you think may be suspicious. If they observe suspicious activity, they have a responsibility to report it to the business conduct line: 800.926.083. All of us need to stay informed about the issue of prescription drug abuse.