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To learn more about Health Connections, please contact us online or at 888.999.2281.

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Health Connections
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Intelligent triage

Health Connections offers more than traditional reimbursement case research and MD education services. We offer HUB distribution and fulfillment education that complements our in-depth benefits investigation, appeals and patient assistance programs. From our innovative approach, appropriate in-network or manufacturer-contracted distribution channels are identified that best benefit the needs of physicians, patients and their respective insurance plans.

A neutral approach

Health Connections staff educate physicians about available specialty pharmacy and or specialty distribution providers contracted through the patient's particular insurance plan. Upon direction from a physician, patient or plan, our team will offer information on contracted providers that are preferred or mandated by the payor. Attrition management is paramount in our case management philosophy. Our goal is to identify all avenues for physicians and patients to gain rapid access to life changing therapies and do our best to mitigate patient out of pocket expense and assist with long-term product compliance.