Withstands more washes

Even after 90 washes, EnduraT scrubs are still going strong. Stronger than a brand-new pair of the top-selling traditional scrubs, in fact*. You'll also notice minimal color loss and lasting moisture-wicking abilities. The competitor's scrubs, on the other hand, typically only last 50 washes.

Loses less lint

The top-selling traditional scrubs lose 15% lint when abraded. EnduraT scrubs lose only 1.4%, making them the lowest linting scrub on the market.

Strong and long lasting

Made of the strongest material on the market, EnduraT scrubs outlast the competition. Our advanced, synthetic material is abrasion- and tear-resistant and has the most uniform strength in both directions.

Green solution

EnduraT scrubs can be washed at cooler temperatures and dry faster than traditional scrubs. This requires less energy and can result in savings to your hospital.