Increasing market share

Cardinal Health recognizes that every retail independent pharmacy is different. Each pharmacy has unique challenges and marketing needs, yet everyone has a similar goal: to implement marketing programs that will help drive store traffic and increase revenue.


Local Store Marketing

Our marketing services for the pharmacy are designed to give customers the ability to choose the right marketing solutions for their store — so they can create a marketing plan that matters most to their patients.

  • Grow existing customer activity
  • Attract new customers
  • Increase visibility within the pharmacy and community

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Pharmacy Health Connect™ Smartphone App

Provide your patients with an easy and convenient way to interact with your pharmacy.

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Media Advertising Services

Now you have the opportunity to advertise your pharmacy’s services on cable television networks in your area. The monthly, cost-effective TV advertising program features a retail special that will help to drive customers into your store and strengthen store visibility in your community.


Marketing Template Library

All Cardinal Health retail independent pharmacies have access to this online library of customizable marketing templates, including flyers, bag clippers, ads and business cards. This services gives pharmacies access to manage marketing materials for the pharmacy - when they need them. In addition, direct mail and printing resources are available on the Marketing Template Library.


Prescription Club

Prescription Club is a cash discount program managed by Script Save that will increase patient retention, save uninsured patients money and protect Usual and Customary pricing.


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