Information for transitioning military veterans

At Cardinal Health, we value Veterans service. Cardinal Health also values the dedication, hard work, integrity and collaboration that Veterans bring to the table. Much of what we do at Cardinal Health ultimately affects the lives of our veterans – by supplying the best products and services, we make sure our hospitals and clinics have the necessary resources to provide excellent patient care for our veterans and their families. Veterans will find that the Cardinal Health mission and focus on making healthcare safer and more cost-effective is a valuable place for Veterans to develop their Post-Military Career. Cardinal Health is committed to supporting Veterans as you reenter the world of work.

The Cardinal Health Talent Acquisition organization and business leaders routinely attend events geared toward veteran recruitment and networking. Plus, the Cardinal Health Talent Acquisition team actively recruits veteran talent by posting open opportunities to many diverse job boards focused on military and returning veterans.

We value and support our employee’s career growth with many training and development opportunities. Begin your Post Military career search with the Cardinal Health job board or by contacting

Military Veterans

Information for transitioning military veterans Learn more

Meet our veterans

Visit this page to read about some of our current veterans. Learn more

Veterans and Military Advocates Employee Resource Group

The VMA is an all-inclusive organization of Cardinal Health employees whose mission is to continue the spirit of service by supporting each other, the Cardinal Health mission and Veteran causes in the community. Learn more

Military leave benefits

Our nation's service members include more than 1,100 Cardinal Health employees, many of whom are still on active duty. Learn more

Military partners

Veterans can also connect with Cardinal Health through our Military Partners. Learn more

Post Military Career translator

Use the Military Crosswalk tool to translate your Military position and professional skill set into that of a civilian career at Cardinal Health.

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