“…I was able to show my motivation and commitment while demonstrating that I wanted to work here.”

Jessica Schultz
Name: Jessica
Hometown: Westerville, OH
Alumni of: The Ohio State University (2007)
Degree: BS Business Administration, Specializing in Marketing
Internship at Cardinal Health: Retail Marketing (2006)
Current title: Director, Marketing & Product Management


Why did you choose Cardinal Health for your internship?
I chose Cardinal Health because I had heard great things about the company through my business school classes and throughout the community. I wanted to be challenged – the healthcare industry is exciting to me and always changing.

What has been most rewarding about your Cardinal Health experience?
The wealth of opportunities I have been exposed to has been rewarding. Through my experiences here I am beginning to learn what I am good at and I’ve had great guidance to help me figure out what my next steps might be. I’ve found that people here are so willing to help you learn new skills and try new projects.

What is your current role and responsibilities?
I am a Retail Marketing Manager on the Pharmaceutical side of the business. My marketing group helps set the strategy and market messaging of who Cardinal Health is to our customers. I specifically work with retail independent customers, which makes my job exciting because they are small operators looking to us to help them make smart business decisions. My group is also responsible for the largest independent tradeshow in the industry – the Cardinal Health Retail Business Conference (RBC).  

What skill do you think was most important in helping you during your internship?
Being curious, and exhibiting that curiosity, was very important during my internship. By caring about what drove our business and asking questions, I was able to show my motivation and commitment while demonstrating that I wanted to work here.

What is your best internship memory?
Attending my first RBC in Las Vegas was my best internship memory. I had the opportunity to work on interesting projects related to the show. I got to meet and interact with customers and feel like I had an active role in the company.

What is your #1 suggestion to current students looking for an internship?
Define what you want to learn and determine which companies can help you get there.