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ASC Supply Excellence

Continuing education

Cardinal Health knows that ongoing education, training and mentoring are critical to the success of any facility. That's why we offer multiple continuing education programs to help advance knowledge and maintain your required certification. All programs qualify for CEU certification at no charge.

  • Driving safety and productivity in the OR
    Perioperative nurses are continually challenged to provide the safest possible patient-centered care.
  • Prevention of retained sponges and towels
    A retained foreign body can result in patient death and must be avoided.
  • Surgical fires: keys to awareness and prevention
    Although surgical and operating room (OR) fires are a relatively rare occurrence, the consequences can be devastating.
  • To bleed or not to bleed
    This course provides a review of hemostasis and the biochemistry and pharmacology of anticoagulation mechanisms.
  • Prevention of sharps injuries in surgical settings
    Sharps injury prevention is an important safety initiative in the surgical setting.
  • Understanding the ANSI/AAMI PB70 Standards to make appropriate gown and drape choices
    This online course explains the provisions of the ANSI/AAMI PB70 in detail, as well as the standardized tests and other factors that must be taken into account when choosing barrier products.

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Rewards Program

Earn reward credits by purchasing Cardinal Health brand products and pharmaceuticals. The program is risk-free and provides a quarterly rebate based on incremental growth. The more you spend, the more you save. It’s that easy.

How it works:

1. Your quarterly baseline is determined upon enrollment.
2. Your quarterly rebate is calculated based on growth of eligible rewards products.
3. Eligible rewards products include but are not limited to; Cardinal Health brand products such as surgical and exam gloves, Presource® procedure packs, patient care, surgical drapes, facial protection, laboratory products and pharmaceuticals.

For more information, please contact your Cardinal Health Sales Consultant.

Implementation Team

Let's be honest. It can be a real headache to switch supply vendors. That's why we've formed a team of experts to do the dirty work for you. From credit approvals to inventory conversion, our Implementation Team makes the transition to Cardinal Health seamless, efficient and completely painless.

  • Distribution/Transportation
    • Shipping Schedule
    • Delivery Requirements
  • E-business
    • Materials Management Systems
    • Electronic Ordering
    • EDI
  • Inventory
    • Product Conversion
    • Monitor Inventory Levels
  • Pricing
    • Contract Connections
    • Final Data File
  • Operations
    • Account Structure
    • Accounts Payable
    • Customer Service


Suture Center

Ensure that your surgeons have the suture products they require, on-hand and on time, with Cardinal Health wound closure management services. The Cardinal Health Suture Center, located in Earth City, MO, houses all suture products under one roof - streamlining your wound closure supply management by providing:

  • 500 to 4,500 products to choose from
  • Reliable delivery with first-time fill rates of over 99%
  • Delivery aligned with your medical surgical delivery (prime vendors only)
  • Custom reporting services to monitor orders, expenditures and inventory levels of your products
  • A carton content list in each box to easily identify product
  • Streamlined invoicing
  • A reduced need to carry excess inventory
  • A one-stop-shop for a variety of devices and ambulatory surgery supplies